Destination India


Miguel and I traveled around India (specifically Mumbai, Gujarat, Rajasthan, Delhi) and shared the craft of plastic bag crochet with various NGOs, community groups, and individuals.

The plan was to study India’s plastic bag problem, teach freeform plastic bag crochet, spread the message of plastic bag conservation, and inspire others to recycle single-use plastic bags into fashionable, reusable creations – creations that could possibly provide a revenue stream for impoverished communities. Thanks to all the wonderful people we met along the way, all our goals were accomplished! We held 13 formal workshops, several more informal ones, and I estimate that 600-700 people learned the basics of plastic bag crochet. We also collected hundreds of crochet hooks to pass out to people we taught.

For a complete listing of our events and workshops, check  our Events page. Also check out the blog we posted to while on the road.

For a more detailed explanation of the project idea, here’s the Kickstarter page we created prior to our trip.


While each workshop was tailored to the specific audience (adults, students, children), all workshops emphasized plastic bag crochet as an art form, as a fashion statement, and as a means to lessen India’s ecological footprint on the earth.

The idea is that through learning a fun craft project that involves plastic bags, individuals will become more environmentally conscious, more mindful of the things they throw into the street, and more respectful of the world around them. And hopefully as a result, they will be actively engaged in influencing the trash tossing behavior of their families and communities.

What Next?

Many of our workshop participants are now capable of performing basic crochet stitches, creating simple bag designs, and transforming waste materials into fashionable, reusable products. Some of the NGOs we worked with are looking into opportunities for them to market these products and earn fair wages for their labor. We’ll post updates as we learn of new community initiatives!

Special thanks to the following people and organizations for helping to make this trip possible!

Lydia Garry

Tamra Andrews

Joyce & Basil Andrews

Carlton & Martica Andrews

Michael Griffin

Isobel Price

Bob Tait

Zack Phillips

Randy Dalton

Ian Blair

Agnes Sekowski

Bonnie Wilson

Roberta Dzeima

Lynn Johanna

Jenna Timm

Tia Cook-Haus

Wendy Hershey

Akua Designs

Beth Fisher

Mary Petrich-Guy

Suzanne Cohen

Claire McCutchon

Kimberly Carroll

Kathy Pinckney

13 responses

  1. Hey Cristen, Meandering here, Thought this might interest you?

    NEW DELHI: After long deliberations, Bharti Enterprises and Wal-Mart Stores Inc. on Monday announced a 50:50 joint venture to form Bharti Wal-Mart Private Limited for their wholesale cash-and-carry and back-end supply chain management operations in India.
    Through the new venture, the company would serve neighbourhood kirana stores, fruit and vegetable resellers, restaurants and caterers and other business owners, besides catering to the needs of other retailers including Bharti Retail, which would be soon be opening its stores in India.
    According to Raj Jain, Country President for Wal-Mart’s operations in India: “One of the key reasons for Wal-Mart’s international success is the fact that in every location where we operate, we are local. We source local products from local suppliers that appeal to local tastes, needs and fashions. As a wholesale cash-and-carry business, our endeavour is to work with and develop local suppliers and create local beneficiaries along the supply chain.
    Giving details about their business-to-business (B2B) model, Mr. Mittal said the new company would source products from small farmers, artisans and small manufacturers and help them find market for their products.
    Over the next five to seven years, the venture is expected to open 10 to 15 wholesale cash-and-carry facilities and employ approximately 5,000. A typical facility will stand between 50,000 and one-lakh sq. ft. and sell a wide range of fruits and vegetables, groceries and staples, stationery, footwear, clothing, consumer durables and other general merchandise items.

    Something maybe to think about as a point to get across while teaching? And as a side note Walmart sells grocery bags, never seen one but they say they’re there! 🙂

  2. Hi Christine, I am in the CSR commitee of a MNC firm. Can we conduct a workshop or any other corporate event in our Mumbai offices, you think? Please email your reply. Thanks.

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  7. Hi,
    Im planning to get some under- priviledged children at teach them this art. is it possible for you to send tutors in Saket, New Delhi to teach this art. Also i am looking at up cycling. Pls suggest if u can help.
    Tanvi K Mehta

  8. Hey,
    I am a student in MIT ID, Loni in pune. I am working on plastic bags as a problem and i saw your collection of bags. I would want plastic to become the fashion statement. Could you please email me the procedure and any more ideas you might have?

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